Connecting Banana Plugs

Published: 27th July 2011
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When it comes to hooking up the loudspeakers to your stereo system, you could have heard several opinions about whether or not install bare wire or go with banana plugs. For experts putting together and tearing down temporary installations, it comes down to reliability and convenience. Most property listeners need a neat appearance and great quality of sound. Your own personal priorities should determine which connector style will work the best for your needs.

The nature of the banana plug provides a strong connection for 1000s of connectors. It effortlessly slips in to the plug. When using bare wire, you'll need to twist the strands of each and every conductor firmly, following that place it inside the banana plug. You might quickly discover that banana plugs are quite convenient, specially in case you have several speakers to setup.

For numerous speaker installs, the connector side of the loudspeaker stays hidden away , and so a connectionís appearance makes no distinction. Some installations, like those for home entertainment and multichannel audio, have some speakers with observable connections. Whilst a well made bare wire connection features a sleek look, a banana plug connection has a far more sound visual appearance. Whilst this does not impact the speakersí quality of sound, your individual tastes may possibly make visual appeal a priority.

Many people cannot identify the difference between a banana plug installation and bare wire. During an informal but widely publicized 2004 study conducted by Dr. Bob and Dr. Dennis Dean, audio-philes were unable to tell the difference concerning expensive cables and coat hanger wire for a speaker connection. The science of electrons moving in wire remains reasonably straightforward until you reach radio wavelengths. So long as you've got a powerful interconnection involving the amplifier, wire and speakers, you will definitely appreciate excellent quality audio.

Should you have a nice typical house stereo system setup, you positioned your speakers in the best place and never have moved them. The speaker wire and banana plugs also see small or absolutely no movement. The tension to cabling is extremely reduced in these types of conditions and the banana plug and bare-wire connections will each last for years. In the event the bare speaker wires see regular rearranging, the strands from a bare wire connection could weaken and fall off, however a decent quality banana plug will certainly continue being powerful long after repetitive use.

Oxidation also impacts bare wire. Through periods of years, o2 and air-borne sulfur attach to un-treated copper, elevating its electrical resistance. This requires a bit longer at the point where the wire meets the connector even so, and so possibly even loudspeakers with dirty looking wire may possibly still sound good. Banana plugs normally have a nickel or gold plated material and definately will look and sound excellent for many years.

One more quite critical factor to think about is definitely the reliability of banana plugs. It's probable that bare wire can trigger shorts if you have any stray wire strands.

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